How I got started in the cleaning business

I was first introduced into the maintenance industry at a young age by my father. My father was the head janitorial supervisor for his church for several years. The church comprised of different types of flooring: commercial glue down carpets, vinyl commercial tiles and natural flooring. Not only was I going to church on Sundays, but I would tag along with my father as he cleaned during the week. The days I looked forward to the most; were the days I got to learn and run various cleaning machines. Through the years I have learned a wide arrange of skills including proper janitorial procedures, waxing, stripping and buffing floors, window cleaning and carpet cleaning. My father has taught me that if you put your best foot forward and work hard, and be honest that people will appreciate your work and respect you.

Not only did I look up too my dad as a young boy, but I always thought my uncles were the coolest people in the world. My uncles were and still serve the community as police officers and fire fighters. The more I looked into the job, the more I saw how selfless and demanding the job was. They would be working long hours and even holidays. They would tell me over and over again, that best part of the job was "you get to help people at their most vulnerable time in need". When I was old enough to apply, I. ran to the human resource department and put my application in. Four years later I was sworn into the fire Department. I been serving the community since 2012.

In 2016 I felt a desire to provide a cleaning business to best serve in the community. I wanted to provide the best services possible. I looked to the community for help. I was able to find a great cleaning supply company in Western New York. There I was able to become certified in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and odor control. Later that year I filed for my business license and Renew Commercial Services Inc was born.

Today I serve my community as a Business owner and Fire Fighter. Hard work, dedication, selflessness and perseverance are qualities that are embedded into me. I instill my values into my company: Renew Commercial Services Inc. I wanted my company to reflect my values, so I Created an acronym for my company R: Reliability, E: Effectiveness, N: Newer Look, E: Environmentally friendly, W: Without Issue. The desire of my company is to bring my community a great cleaning company that provides their business to grow by providing an outstanding result.